Something brought you here because you're ready to take your life to a new level.


Chances are, however, that your life is already pretty good.

Meaning—you’ve worked hard. Achieved a lot.

And externally, people admire you for your lifestyle, personal character or both.

But deep down, you sense there’s still something missing…

Another level that you can’t tap into by yourself.

Maybe old beliefs are in the way.

Maybe there’s some pain or fear intertwined with the change.

Maybe you’re sick and tired of going in circles and are ready for a more meaningful life.


Do any (or all) of these struggles sound familiar?

If any of those common struggles resonate with you, then you're in the right place;

All of the support, guidance and direction you desire is right here.

Working with me, you'll receive support in every area of your life,

from business and relationships to wellness and spirituality.

I’ve been an corporate executive, entrepreneur and yoga teacher.

So whether you want to work on topics like time management, decision-making or intuition,

you’ve come to the right place:

Working with a coach is the fastest route to a remarkable transformation that sticks.

You want results

So this is what we’re going to do together:

CLARIFY goals, challenges and greater vision

CONFRONT (Gently) old patterns and limiting behaviors

FOCUS you on making lasting change where it counts

SUPPORT you while you learn new strategies and skills

MOTIVATE you to move forward with your new awareness

Years ago, my life unraveled…


I was involved in a high-speed car accident. My car was totaled. When I experienced “the end” but somehow survived, the world as I knew it was over.

My second chance was just beginning. This was, of course, a good thing.

But suddenly I had to face everything that was wrong with my life.

Lost and confused, I set out to find the people who could help—and I only wanted the best.

I ended up circumnavigating the globe—Brazil, China, Europe—and beyond, tracking down the leaders in NLP, Constellation Work, Hypnosis, and more.

For whatever reason, a few of those leaders decided to mentor me and help me through my struggles.

Since then I’ve been paying it forward, with the tools to get the job done.

Pictured below with: Dr. Stephen Gilligan, Dr. John DeMartini, Jack Canfield, Frank Pucelik, and the late Bernd Isert


Here's how it works:



You’ll get a free 20-minute consultation to see if we're a good fit. Assuming yes, you'll also get:

The Intentional Coaching Assessment:

A guide with questions and activities to help you get clear on what you want from our collaboration. Due 72 hours before our first session. This will serve as a launchpad for our coaching work together.

10x 50-minute Breakthrough Coaching Sessions:

Over the course of 90 days, we'll meet online or over the phone to dive deep and create bold shifts.

1 x 50-minute Follow Up Session:

An optional check-in session within 90 days of finishing the program for added support.

1 x Guided Hypnotic Trance Mp3

Enjoy an audio copy of my special guided Hypnotic Trance, which will leave you with a refreshing sense of self-connection and deep calm.

Unlimited Email and Text Support

Get access to my cellphone for texting and email for support between sessions, as necessary.

Optional books, products, and tools chosen specifically for you


Dragos Testimonial.jpeg

“Whether it's helping me realise the triggers that make me eat unhealthy food or helping me improve my meditation technique, Eugene has been a huge contribution to my life thus far”

Investor and Founder @ CryptoBrandLab - Dragos Stefanescu


Eugene's coaching allowed me to vastly improve my communication skills… I've received multiple promotions as a direct result of Eugene's coaching, and I'll continue to work with him as I grow as a professional and individual.

Abby Widom - Director of Business Development

Jay Martinez.jpeg

Eugene's honest and deliberate care for his relationships (business or personal) as well as his ability to truly tailor his services to my individual needs make him so valuable in this world full of transient experiences and connections.

Mortgage and Insurance Innovator - Jay Martinez


How do you help your clients?

Every clients needs something different.  But in a nutshell, I help clients through the deep and invisible process of “making sense” during work or life change. Our intimate partnership often includes breaking habits, overcoming obstacles, activating competences, sharpening intuition and cultivating peace.  Along the way, I provide support, tools and accountability to get you where you want to be. This positively impacts your performance and wellbeing.

What is your background?

I love to learn, so the following was probably less painful to do than it will be to read. :-) 

MASTERS DEGREE IN LEADERSHIP & MANAGEMENT - Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

BACHELORS DEGREE IN MARKETING (HONORS) -University of Maryland, Smith School

INTERNATIONAL TRAINER IN NLP- Certified in Trainer, Master & Practitioner Levels of NLP

CERTIFIED YOGA TEACHER- Yoga Alliance RYT-500, Rishikesh Yog Peeth, Rishikesh, India

SYSTEMIC TRANCE- Certified by Dr. Steven Gilligan, Disciple of Dr. Milton Erickson (“Father of Trance”)

GENERATIVE TRANCE- Certified by Dr. Steven Gilligan

EXECUTIVE COACHING- Certified by Frank Pucelik, Co-Founder of NLP

INTEGRATIVE COACHING- Certified by Creator, Bernd Isert (late)

HYPNOSYSTEMIC COACHING- Certified by Creator, Gunther Schmidt

PUBLIC SPEAKING SCHOOL -Escola de Palestrantes, Held in Campinas, Brazil

PRESENCING (L1)- THEORY U- Certified by Daniel Ludwig, CEO of Move Leadership

LATERAL LEADERSHIP- Certified by Mag. Gunther Fürstberger, CEO of MDI Management Development International

OURO VERDE CONSCIENCIA TRANSMUTAÇÃO ("Transmute Consciousness") - Certified by Creator Desirée Oliveira 

SYSTEMIC FAMILIAR CONSTELLATION WORK -Certified by International Expert Cornelia Benesch

ORGANIZATIONAL CONSTELLATION WORK -Certified by International Expert Guillermo Echegaray

With whom do you work? 

I have coached a variety of clients: CEO’s and executives, business people, entrepreneurs plus creativies, healers and artists, etc. The common denominator(s) between all clients was a desire to cultivate higher self-awareness and learn new skills. Plus an openness to change. 

On average, I seem to attract brainy go-getters in their 30’s and 40’s who have a taste for spirituality.

How many coaching sessions will I need?

Depends on the person/situation. On average, clients see best results over the course over 3-6 months, meeting weekly (online or on the phone) for 50 minute sessions. 

Keep in mind though, that my most loving intent is to equip you with the skillsets you need to reclaim your life and then set you free.

How is coaching different from therapy? 

Coaching is not Therapy. Therapy typically treats emotional issues of the past. Often it is discussion-based, longer-term and limited by the confines of your conscious mind. 

Coaching, on the other hand, (at least the way I do it), is decidedly present-and-future-oriented. We focus on where you are now, where you’d like to be, and how you’re going to get there. I tend to involve the unconscious mind as well. After all, most of your life has been unconsciously determined. 

I’m already successful, why should I hire you? 

If you’ve done well without a coach, maybe you shouldn’t(!)—unless you’ve reached a ceiling or barrier of sorts. In that case, it’s likely that the same mental programming that brought you this far is now keeping you stuck. So to break through to your next level, we’ll address the beautiful subtleties involved in innovation: your beliefs. 

Remember: every Olympian has a coach. 

What is required? 

In terms of time: approx. 2 hours per week for the coaching session and follow-up homework. 

In terms of attitude: honest and collaborative.

How are you different from the rest? 

Expertise: I’ve studied with or been personally mentored by multiple international gurus across several disciplines.

Range of Experience: I’ve also been a New York corporate executive, online communication trainer and yoga teacher.

Cultural Awareness: I have lived in 10+ countries and am conversational in 6 languages. Travel and language learning have taught me to put down my internal “map” and embrace the viewpoint of the other. This flexibility also happens to be paramount to my coaching.

Depth: Life is chaotic and complex. Plus it’s biggest questions—regarding the beginning, ending and meaning of it all—are mostly unknowable. So any meaningful answers we find are usually far below the surface. They might even be lodged behind “unspeakable” topics like guilt or doubt or shame. But no worries. I’m willing to hold space as we make sense of this great mystery together. 

Is your service covered by my insurance?

No, my coaching is likely not covered by insurance.  

I don’t live in the US, can we still work together? 

Absolutely. My clients come from all over the world. We work together online.